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Josh  Icban

Welcome to the landing page for TOUCHSTONE Bay Area performing musician and composer Josh Icban.


May 2024:

see josh in megan lowe Dance's new production "Just A shadow" showing 5/31-6/9. click for Info here!


The soundtrack for Kularts' anting anting out now on bandcamp! i'm so very proud of this score. also available on all dsps!



Just released!!!


The accompanying EP for "To Cross: Aganakake tatang ko' is on bandcamp.

Announcing Josh's new project TO Cross: Aganakake Tatang Ko is being presented as part of the 26th annual united states of Asian America festival in December!

click here for tickets and information

Soundtrack for 2023 KULARTS Production 'Dancing In the Light' Available now on all streaming platforms and on


My newest scoring Collaboration with Kularts 'Nursing these wounds' opens Oct 21st! More info here

The soundtrack for Kularts production 'Man@ng is Deity' is available Now!

Get Josh's NEW Ep With Cellista 'Apparition' here





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