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Josh is a proud son of Vallejo,CA and has had the privilege to work with a wide array of prestigious talents and organizations such as Grammy winner Fantatsic Negrito, The San Francisco Symphony orchestra with Micheal Tilson Thomas, KulArts under the direction OF SFAC Legacy Artist Alleluia Panis and Oakland Hip Hop Collective Grand Nationxl.

Josh's original works have been showcased in spaces such as Counterpulse Theater, the Asian Art Museum, Bindlestiff Studios, Dance Mission and Fringe Manila Arts Festival in the Philippines. His music embraces the possibilities inherent in the ever-changing world of music technology, utilizing sound sampling, field recording and synthesis while honoring techniques and vernaculars using various instruments and textures.

Drawing equally from elements of funk, jazz, ambient soundscapes, and cinema soundtracks, Josh champions the rethinking of genre and what musicians of a certain discipline are supposed to look like. To Josh, Music is a time capsule, a reflection and reaction to lived experience.


Josh also holds an MA in ethnomusicology, writing his thesis, Kapwa in the land of milk and honey: Bay Area Filipin0 American identity community and music, on the generational contributions of Filipinx American musicians and immigrants to California culture and society through the years. This knowledge informs his artistry readily as many countries of the world begin to reassess and reckon with their relationships to each other.

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